How we kick started the year with Project 14

How we kick started the year with Project 14

Project 14 - Round 10 A Fresh Start

I believe there’s no better way to kick off a new year (and a new decade!) then to begin with a round of Project 14. We had over 1400 people join us, with many new and familiar faces!

We explored a new topic each day over the 14 days, beginning with Goal Setting where we talked through strategies to achieve what we never thought possible. Evening and Morning Routines were next, where we aimed to set-up our evenings so that our mornings run smoothly. We then began our first space - the Pantry. By setting up your pantry in a way that works for you and your family, it makes meal planning and meal prepping so much easier. We had some amazing transformations:

Pantry Emma Morris 1-1.JPG
Pantry Jessica Ward 1-1.JPG
Pantry Jessica Gluyas 1-1.JPG

Kitchen day was next and we focused on just one cupboard at a time, and considered where we placed items for ease of use. The transformations in this space were just as impressive as the pantry, whether it was an entire kitchen, or just one cupboard!

Kitchen Katrina Lehmann 1-1.JPG
Kitchen Michaela Donohoe 1.JPG
Kitchen Kara Richards 1-1.JPG

Next we talked about Using a Planner - that you’re more likely to achieve what you want and need to achieve if you write it down.

Wardrobes was our next space, where we discussed various strategies to help declutter our clothes and make choosing what to wear in the mornings easier. Our community shared some wonderful before and after photos of their wardrobes:

Wardrbes Alysia Jeppesen 1.JPG
Wardrobes Alysia Jeppesen 12-1.JPG
Wardrobes Nadia Feeney 1-1.JPG

Paperwork day revealed some new systems for kids artwork storage, bills and filing.

Launch Pads followed and some amazing photos were shared to inspire other members:

Launch pads Louise Wandmaker 1.JPG
Launch pads Emma De Thierry 1.JPG

We then tackled Kids Rooms, setting the timer for 15 minutes and using our before and after photos as motivation:

Kids rooms Belinda Carter 1.jpg
Kids rooms Charlene Morunga 1.JPG
Kids rooms Kathy Gregory 1.JPG

On Laundry Day we talked about systems to help reduce our washing piles, and also strategies for keeping our laundry spaces clear of clutter:

Laundry Deborah Montague 1.JPG
Laundry Kylie Kennedy 1.JPG
Laundry Sally Rombout 1.JPG
Laundry Shayne Chapman 1.JPG

Set Me Up Sunday and Self Care were the next topics, which are both so important for how your week runs and how you feel. Our members shared how they make themselves a priority, what fills their cups and what they do when they feel overwhelmed.

The Master Bedroom was our final day and last space, and we focused on creating a calm space for us - the photos shared were very inspiring!

Master Alysia Jeppesen 1.JPG
Master Lisa 1.JPG
Master Cherise Williams 1.JPG

A highlight of this round was the very first live video featuring Tim! He agreed to join the project to answer any questions our community asked (from a man’s perspective!) The feedback was excellent!

The next round of Project 14 called ‘The Bushfire Project’ runs in March this year and is a particularly special one in which 100% of the cost to members has been donated to the Red Cross to assist those affected by the bushfires in Australia. I can’t wait to dive into another round to assist others in their journey to creating better systems and routines around the house and to think about goal setting and self-care, but also to be inspired myself - hopefully the before and after transformation photos above have inspired you too!

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