15 minute tidy ups

15 minute tidy ups

15-minute tidy ups

15-minute tidy ups have become my Number 1 tip for decluttering and cleaning.

If you consistently complete 15-minute tidy ups, you will see a really big difference around your house.

People often underestimate what can be achieved in 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning/tidying.

Often, I am not motivated to do this … but I take action and set that timer anyway. I guarantee you will feel so much better for it later.


You can do your regular cleaning by breaking it down into 15-minute blocks. At first you might need to do a bit more than the 15-minutes, or do additional cleaning on the weekend or day off, but if you stick at it daily, you can get your housework down to 15-minutes a day.

You can do a daily 15-minute tidy up to reset the house before dinner, or before bed each day (my favourite!).

You can tackle a different space (e.g. junk drawer, bathroom cupboards, kids toy room etc..) each day and spend 15-minutes focused on that space.

If the timer goes off and you are enjoying yourself, feel free to reset for another 15-minutes. Motivation often follows action.

You can spend 15 minutes sorting and decluttering the photos on your phone.


Here are some ideas:

Replace 15-minutes of phone scrolling time.

Reduce your TV time by 15-minutes

Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier.

Delegate other tasks to family members to free up 15 minutes.

Take 15 minutes out of your lunch break if you work from home.

Perhaps a 15-minute tidy up could replace the commute to work time if you are working from home more now.


Set a timer on your phone, the oven, or microwave, and get into it! Don’t wait for the motivation. The motivation will follow your action.

Tackle clutter once a week for 15 minutes.

Do 15 minutes even when you don’t feel like it. Consistency is key. It will help you avoid needing those overwhelming spring cleans each year.

Small steps really do add up.

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