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{With faults} Revive Budget Planner [July-June]

Faults include minor imperfections on the cover.


There are some new additions to our Budget Planners.

⭐️ They’re hardcover (and oh so elegant!).
⭐️ There are a handful of debt trackers and saving trackers.
⭐️ As requested, ‘nearly bought it’ pages to celebrate the times you thought through a purchase and worked out that it wasn’t for you - before purchasing it 🙌🏻.
⭐️ Designated monthly budget overviews to track upcoming expenses or to use as a space to record your daily spending.
⭐️ 100gsm paper

Space for:

• Your priorities (broken down into each month)

• Expected expenses for each month

• Long term + short term priorities/goals

• Savings Goal Tracker

• 6x separate savings goal trackers

• 3x separate debt payment trackers

• Monthly overviews

• 52x weekly Budget pages

• 14x notes + Ideas pages

• 2x ‘nearly bought it’ pages

Cost $24.95
Available in In Bloom 🌸, Revive 🍃 and Navigate 📘.