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{With Faults} In Bloom Teacher Planner

Faults could include:

  • Damaged Pages
  • Binding that is less rounded than it should be (straight in places)
  • Dents or scratches on covers
  • Damaged boxes

This planner has been heavily discounted to reflect these faults (reduced from $59.95 to $15.95) and includes access to the 2021 LBD planner community where you'll receive extra value and access to the most beautiful online community on the internet (in my opinion.. I may be bias ;)..)

They may be imperfect, but they'll still help with classroom organisation, planning out your day and may even become your new best friend at school!


For 2021, our Teacher Planners have been reduced from $64.95 to $59.95 while we get feedback on thickness of covers, binding, paper (now increased to 100gsm), layouts etc. Thank you for working together with us to create your ultimate Teacher Planner. We’re a constant work in progress.

As a Teacher, releasing my very own Teacher Planner has been all sorts of amazing. It's one of those pinch-me moments that I will never forget. Teachers do incredible work every single day. We appreciate that some days are tough, and we wanted to make sure that you had something to help you with both the good and bad days.

Enter our Teacher Planners!

With 52 weeks of layouts (broken into four 13 week terms), other industries can now also love and enjoy our Teacher Planners.

Here's what you can expect:

Our front page has space for your name, employee number + school. It also has a place for all the important phone numbers that you need so that in an emergency (or when you need help), you can find those numbers pronto - we know how important that is!

Next, we have space for four different timetables - because we know that our timetables have to change from time to time (Hello Day 8!).

Over the page you will find a yearly overview - this is a great place to grab your highlighter out and get planning!

Our Calendar of School Events, Professional Development Records and Classroom Expense pages follow, and then you'll find out Australian Public Holidays and Australian Public School Term Dates.


Our Tab sections are:

[JAN - DEC] Monthly Overviews with SO much room to map out each month.

[TERM 1 - TERM 4] Each with their own tabs, non-dated weeks (with designated space for you to write in your dates) because we know Week 1 has a different starting date for each state. Our Weekly Layouts are broken into Monday - Friday and each day has 6 spaces/periods. There is also a Note Section on each layout.


25 pages of Class Rolls with space for 30 students and 32 boxes each. These pages can be used for a multitude of reasons (other than of course roll taking) - including tracking reading levels and more.


15 pages of Assessment Record pages are included with space for 30 students and 20 grades per student. There is also space for individual student notes/comments.


11 pages with 16 entry lines on each page allows 176 communication records to be kept throughout the year.


Super handy to map out and keep track of different concepts being taught and time allocated, our unit plans have enough space to plan 13 weeks of work for each term for 5 different subjects.

The back of our planners have graph paper and note pages that come in really handy for meeting notes, seating plans and more!