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Leanne Baker

Project 14 - Systems 2024

Project 14 - Systems 2024

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Note: Project 14 is run through a private Facebook group. After payment, please request to join this Facebook group.

JUNE 1-14, 2024

Head on over to the reviews to read about the difference Project 14 makes.

Project 14 is for everyoneCome as you are. No matter the season of life you are in, we'll embrace you with open arms. We're not perfect. We're doing the best that we can each day and we're proud of ourselves for that. We are big believers in small, sustainable steps, in celebrating the little wins and in being kind to ourselves during the tricky times.

Each day we'll tackle a new task/topic together - live (not pre-recorded). All videos and tasks are saved in the group for you to tackle at your own pace.

Past members have found that one of the many advantages of taking part in Project 14 is the groups shared goal of working on their home and lives at the same time. There is strength in tackling a project together and the companionship that spurs you on to tackle more and more within your home and life. Topics are discussed and often members gain additional ideas from others within the group. Many people that have completed Project 14 sign up for subsequent projects to continue working on their home, it can be a wonderful way of focusing your energy on your home and yourself for 14 days.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed, out of routine, looking for a way to spend more time with your family or on a journey to a more simplified life then Project 14 might be the answer for you. Project 14 runs for 14 days from the 1st of January each year for our ‘Fresh Start’ project, mid year for our Systems based Project and then ‘The Christmas Edition’ towards the end of the year (subject to Leanne’s availability). 

Do I need to complete the project in 14 days?
Absolutely not! The timeframe is only for me. If you would like to tackle one space a week or one a fortnight, you can do that. We understand that life gets busy and we’re not here to add overwhelm (our goal is to remove the overwhelm).

Do I need to watch the videos live?
You do not need to tune in live. All videos are saved for you to watch at your own pace (even after the 14 days are finished).

Having an organised pantry or fridge is great, but being organised (and feeling the benefits) is so much more than aesthetics.
Join us as we tackle some of the main causes of frustration in a home/routine.

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