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Leanne Baker

Mint Cash Wallet

Mint Cash Wallet

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I searched high and low to find a wallet that would make it easier for me to keep track of small leaks in our budget. When I could not find one, I designed one myself and I am so proud of how it turned out.

It is with great joy that I introduce you to our Project 14 wallets.


  • Designated space for 10 cards

  • 4 zipped-up sections (perfect for the cash system) + 5 open sections for receipts and notes.

  • Detachable hand strap

Hardware:  Gold

Material: 100% PU material with internal polyester lining

Size: 21.5cm x 10cm x 3.5cm when empty.


Three tips for using a Cash Wallet

  1. Set a budget (we stock budget planners if needed) and stick to It: One of the key advantages of using a cash wallet system is that it helps you control your spending. Before you start using the system, establish a weekly/fortnightly/monthly budget and allocate specific amounts to different expense categories such as groceries, entertainment, transportation, etc. Withdraw the required cash for each category and place it into separate sections of your wallet. By physically seeing and managing your cash, you become more aware of your spending habits and are less likely to exceed your budget.

  2. Prioritise your expenses: When using a cash wallet system, it's important to prioritise your expenses based on your financial goals and needs. Identify your essential expenses, such as bills, rent/mortgage, and groceries, and allocate the necessary amount of money for these categories first. Then, distribute the remaining cash among discretionary expenses like dining out, entertainment, and shopping. This approach ensures that you meet your essential needs while being mindful of your discretionary spending. If you are interested, search 'zero budgets' for more information.

  3. Track and review your transactions: Keep track of your cash transactions diligently to maintain control over your finances. Whenever you spend cash from your wallet, make a note of the amount, date, and purpose of the expense. You can use a small notebook, a smartphone app, or our budget planners to do this. Regularly review your transactions to analyse your spending patterns, identify areas where you can cut back, and make adjustments to your budget if necessary. This practice enables you to make informed financial decisions and maintain better control over your money over time.

Remember, using a cash wallet system requires discipline and consistency. By setting a budget, prioritising expenses, and tracking your transactions, you'll be able to learn about your spending habits and make positive changes over time.

Always reach out to a financial professional for advice on your personal financial situation.

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