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Weekly | Pink Linen | Create Space Planner [Jan-June 2022]

This planner has been based around our much-loved Project 14 course.

It contains many of the worksheets that I share during Project 14, and a bunch of other great features!

Snapshot of the new Create Space Project 14 Planner:

  • 6 month planner
  • Goals page for the 6 months – space for 2 long term goals, with room for short term goals to get there
  • Project 14’s Life Balance Wheel
  • Goal setting for the upcoming 6 months
  • Pages to set up your morning, and evening routines
  • Habit trackers
  • 30-day de-cluttering challenge
  • Cleaning checklist
  • Monthly check-in pages – space to journal. How are you feeling? What are you grateful for? How are you going to be kinder to yourself?
  • Monthly goals pages
  • Monthly planner layout
  • Weekly Plan pages (for meal planning, or other plans) – each has a motivational quote across the top of the page too!
  • Weekly layout - Monday to Friday across two pages. Saturday and Sunday share a page.
  • Weekly Task pages each month – a different task each month to focus on over a week. Topics are based on the Project 14 series, such as Finding what lights you up, goal setting, Making de-cluttering a habit.
  • A bunch of Notes pages at the back.
  • Monthly overviews for July - December 2022 to plan ahead for the remainder of the year.

Paper weight: 120 gsm pages

Page size: 9x7 inches

Cover: Pink linen hardcover with a solid bound spine (no spiral)