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Leanne Baker

Aqua Exercise Book (stone paper)

Aqua Exercise Book (stone paper)

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Stylish, minimalist design to remove the need to buy covers to make exercise books look nice.

Size: A4

Inner pages: 50 sheets (100 pages) lined with margins.

Material: 144gsm stone paper

Composition of stone paper is 80% stone (unused rocks from construction) and 20% resin binder. It is 100% photodegradable

Water and tear-resistant

Binding: sewn

Weight: 450 grams

* Please note that the thickness of the pages does mean that the exercise book is heavier than a standard exercise book.

Stone paper feels different to other papers you may be familiar with. Its silky smooth (nearly like the outside of a boiled egg after you have peeled the shell... weird description I know, sorry). It does mean that this paper isn't made to be used with super wet pens.

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