Weekly | She is the Sun | LBD Planner

2022 Weekly Planner

Cover name: She is the Sun

This is an incredibly special cover that has been commissioned from Daisy Hill @daisy_in_dots.

Daisy Hill is an Aboriginal artist and proud Muruwari descendant living on Yugambeh Country (Gold Coast).

The sun has become Daisy’s most popular signature design and holds very special meaning. Daisy shares this cover with us in hope it will bring sunshine, joy and new opportunities with each day.

This planner will not be named by our online community and instead will hold its original name - ‘She is the Sun.’

‘This artwork represents the sun spirit. In Aboriginal culture it is believed the sun is a woman and the moon is a man. It was the work of the sun spirit to rise each day and give new life using her light and energy. The story belongs to her of creating the ocean and all the rivers by melting the ice with her warmth. She is our mother in the sky and with each sunrise she gives us new hope and opportunity and with each sunset we can be grateful for the day that has been. She is the source of all life, our most powerful healer, she is the sun.’

With every She is the Sun planner sold, we will be giving back to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. If you would like to join us in donating, here is the link to donate directly to the foundation:


The LBD Weekly Planner was created to contain elements that are key to Leanne’s way of planning such as monthly overview pages, monthly goal setting, weekly meal planning and habit trackers.

The Weekly layout contains as much space as possible for you to record your daily appointments and tasks. Similarly to the LBD Daily Planner, the layout of the day is separated into morning, afternoon and evening sections. This allows you to focus on one task at a time and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the total number of tasks for your day. 

Our Weekly Planners have Monday - Friday across two pages, with Saturday and Sunday on the next page. Your daily list of three can be viewed on the same pages - perfect for planning out action items for the week. On the opposite page to your weekend is a notes and ideas page. This page can be used as a shopping list, meal planner or for notes you have taken throughout the week.

In addition to these features yearly goal setting pages and finance and budgeting pages have been incorporated into the LBD Weekly Planner to assist you to keep on track of your big picture and financial goals. 

We are hoping that the LBD Weekly Planner is just the tool you need to help make this your best year yet! 


  • 100gsm paper
  • Spiral binding
  • Yearly calendar
  • Public holidays
  • Monthly Goals page at the start of each month for 12 months (with headings – Self Care, Family/Relationships, Health, Finance, Fun, Home, Other)
  • Monthly Overview spread (with 10 spaces down the side for key dates, appointments, goals etc … and a full month habit tracker across the bottom of the spread)
  • Monday to Friday over two pages.
  • Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) share a page.
  • Notes and Ideas page each week.
  • Weekly Plan pages at the start of each month (one for each week of the month; set up by day, Monday to Sunday with spaces for you to use as you would like e.g. to write meal planning, cleaning schedule, activities schedule etc.)

The Weekly Plan can be used for meal plans (all meals and snacks; 1-2 meals per day etc ..) and/or for after school activity schedule, map out zone cleaning, fitness plans, affirmations, daily gratitude etc..)

Page size: A5